Vincent van Gogh - Landscape with ploughman

Vincent van Gogh


Landscape with ploughman,

Nuenen, Summer-Autumn 1885


Correspondence with Van Gogh Museum and News

Correspondence with Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum states, that this painting is not to be ascribed to Vincent van Gogh,

without giving any reason or explanation as to why. The Museum says that it "...does not guarantee the correctness of its opinion."

We think that an opinion like this is without any scientific merit. First, this is an opinion that may not be true, and second, it is unfounded.



January 2014


Author: Z. Ostrowski


Here are recent examples of Museum van Gogh’s fallibility. The opinions and assessments given by their experts are unfounded. Paintings previously deemed not genuine or fake, are suddenly identified as authentic works of art by Vincent van Gogh. See the links below:

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