Research 2010-2011 - Vincent van Gogh - Landscape with ploughman

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2nd Research 2010-2011
  • Research of painting based on works of art, letters by Vincent van Gogh, literature and other sources concerning the period 1882 - 1887
  • Macrophotography

  1. Identification, Characteristics
  2. Composition
  3. Iconographic description
  4. Material description and condition
  5. Painting technique
Authors: Maria Ostrowska, Zbigniew Ostrowski

  1. Physical-chemical Research – Summary
    Author: Dr. Zofia Kaszowska (Department of Technology and Techniques of Works of Art – Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland)
  2. Documentation of research on the elemental composition of pigments of the painting “Landscape with ploughman”, oil on canvas, on panel, 19th century, signed Vincent, with the use of the portable XRF spectrometer. Author: Dr. Mirosław Wachowiak (University of Toruń, Institute of Conservation of Art)

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